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The eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha “THE DIVINE SEED” is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. Each seed also possesses from 1 to 21 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhas, or facets, and are natural formations of the seed. Seeds with one vertical line are known as ek-mukhi (one facet); those with two lines are dwi-mukhi (two facets), and so on.

Meaning of Rudraksha 

The word rudraksha, in fact, comes from the two Sanskrit words rudra, a synonym for Lord Shiva, and aksha, meaning “eyes”. Botanically, the rudraksha tree is known as Elaecarpus ganitrus Roxb. These trees grow in very few places in the world including the Himalayas of India and Nepal, as well as in parts of Indonesia. Rudraksha fruit is green in color but turns black when dried. The central hard Rudraksha uni-seed has 1 to 108 faces and 2 to 21 faces Rudraksha are available, 1 faced Rudraksha is scarcely available, Rudraksha having 22 to 108 are almost extinct.

History of Rudraksha 

The term Rudraksh basically refers to the tears of Lord Shiva. Origin of Rudraksha is linked with the Story of Tripurasura Samhara. It has many Secrets which tell us about the Meaning and Benefits of Rudraksha.

Story of Rudraksha:

Tripurasuras are three Demons who have Innumerable Powers. They live in three Purams which are built in the sky and revolve in space (Can be compared to very big Flying saucers). The Purams are protected by a boon from Lord Ganesh and nobody can harm them, unless they come into a single axis. That moment comes only once in every Thousand years.

Prayed by all gods Lord Shiva decided to kill those Demons. He did a big Tapasya with half-closed eyes. (Ardha Nimeelita neetra). He opened his eyes, concentrated on the axis and burnt Tripurams. Due to the stress caused by Tapasya, tears came out his eyes while opening them. They turned into Rudrakshas.

Power and Effects of Rudraksha

The power and effects of the Tears of Lord Siva have always been a solution to the pain and suffering the Mankind and Womankind may experience during uncertain times in their life.

Wearing the Sacred Rudraksha Beads brings one to a state of present moment living that most all Spiritual Teachings support. Each face has different healing properties and different results to the person that possesses them. Wearing specific Mukhi Rudraksha or Rudraksa with a specific number of faces or lines as single beads or in recommended combinations create different positive changes in the wearers life. Wearing specific Rudraksha in combination also pacifies all the 9 Planets 24 hours a day as the planets continue to shift their positions in the heavens.

The wearer of Rudraksha is not meant to drink alcohol, do drugs, swear, lie, eat meat, or involve themselves in sexual intercourse. If one wishes to act it these ways it is advised to remove the rudraksha from the neck. Adverse affects will arise if people wish to wear their rudraksha in the act of the above mentioned.

Rudraksha is also used for treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicine. According to the Ayurvedic medical system, wearing Rudraksha can have a positive effect on the heart, nerves, and relieve you from stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations and lack of concentration. It is also known for its electromagnetic and inductive properties. People with high blood pressure can be benefited from the use of Rudraksha seeds.

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